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Build passive income streams, above average returns, and amazing tax benefits, through Multifamily Investing.

LionShare Investment Group LLC  acquires Multifamily Apartment communities by partnering with Investors.   We search for apartments in Markets that demonstrate... job growth, population growth, & rent growth.   

Our focus is to add value to underperforming assets... through operational efficiencies, light to moderate renovations, & rebranding.  

Invest Passively in Multifamily Apartments




  • We seek to provide great cash flowing opportunities with above average returns to our investors. 

  • Provide a stable investment alternative to the volatility of the stock market.   

  • Educate investors on the benefits of apartment investing.

  • Adhere ourselves to principles of Accountability, Stewardship, Transparency, and Communication

Our number one priority is our family of investors.



  • To welcome new partnerships in multifamily acquisitions that leverage each party’s strengths in order to provide the best service to our investors, partners, and tenants.

  • To foster a sense of community by treating residents with courtesy, fairness and respect.  And to provide a safe, clean, and pleasant living experience.

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Our Mission


Strong Passive Income  - We find deals that provide great cash flow with an above average return for our investors & partners .

Equity Buildup - Rental income is paying off the mortgage principal and increasing our equity as we hold the property.  We may be able to cash this equity out either through a refinance or sale of the property, further boosting returns.

Value Creation - We add more value by increasing the income or NOI (Net Operating Income) of the property.  We find properties where we can increase rents, decrease operating expenses, and implement capital improvements to further increase the value when we sell or refinance.  The total returns in combination with Cash Flow & Equity Growth, can provide above average  Cash-on-Cash returns annually.

Potential for Appreciation - If purchased in a location that appreciates over time, this will also further our return.  Since local appreciation can be more speculative, any benefit from this is simply an added bonus.

Tax Benefits - You can get tax advantages in real estate that you could not get with stocks.  First, you get a deduction on the property depreciation.  Depreciation is not a real cash expense.  However, it can be used to deduct from your tax bill on real income.  Second, when you sell the property, you can do a 1031 exchange and defer paying capital gains indefinitely if you continue to buy other property.  

Use Your IRA or 401K to Invest -  Called a Self-Directed IRA.  It allows alternative investments (ie. Real estate) for your retirement savings.  This is a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio with real estate investing.  

Favorable Market Trends - The U.S. market is shifting in favor of renting versus owning a home.  Millennials are driving much of this change as they look for affordability, convenience, and freedom. On the other end of the spectrum, Baby Boomers are nearing retirement and will likely look to the rental market for downsizing and convenience.

Recession Resilience - Historically, the Multifamily space in one of the most recession resistant and most forgiving of all asset classes in an economic downturn.  

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Looking Out of a Skyscaper
Making Notes

Multifamily properties historically maintain a structurally lower vacancy rate than other product types and generally exhibit greater resiliency in holding their values during market downturns. Demand can still increase for apartments in economic downturns when homeowners turn to renting to preserve capital and renters cannot afford to buy. Lenders offer superior terms due to investor familiarity with this asset type, and there is a wider availability of financing options.

The relatively high turn-over of apartment units (vs. office buildings, commercial space and single family homes) allows us to continually improve the assets as tenants move, increasing rents and therefore increasing value.

We explore and focus on opportunities in Emerging Markets, where jobs and local economies are expanding.  We follow jobs!
  • People migrating in, rather than leaving a geographic area

  • Jobs being created rather than lost

  • Rents and property values quickly rising

  • Strong, local government leadership dedicated to attracting jobs

  • Markets beginning to absorb oversupply


There are many indicators and a lot of research that goes into identifying an emerging market in the US. We start out by performing thorough market research that includes the following areas:

  • Job Growth Report (local & regional)

  • Population Growth

  • Path of Progress Reports

  • Local Economic Reports & Trends

  • Chamber of Commerce Reports

We take pride in building relationships with local listing brokers to get their “pocket listings” and access to other Bank Owned Properties (REO). Our searches include soliciting owners directly instead of waiting for properties to come to market.
Candidate assets undergo a thorough due diligence process to confirm the physical and legal status of the property and to confirm valuations to ensure achievable investment strategies.
Early in the asset evaluation phase, the debt and equity financing strategy is developed based on a number of factors such as property type, magnitude of renovations, expected hold period and investor objectives.
Well-located assets purchased below replacement cost assist in attaining appreciated asset goals.
Product selection involves a systematic, routine evaluation to identify favorable demand characteristics, i.e., job and population growth, demographic shifts, supply absorption rates and positive local legislation.
Markets with supply constraints receive most favorable underwriting. Markets with signs of oversupply such as surplus land, changes in zoning and increases in building permits are avoided.




  • We Manage the Property Managers

  • Implement Value-Add Plan

  • Issue financial reports

  • Monthly or Quarterly Investor Cash flow disbursements

  • Hold regular investor updates

  • Visit Properties periodically


  • Working within our predetermined markets.  We source deals primarily from our broker relationships

  • Motivated Landlords


  • Execute exit strategy  |  Prepare marketing materials 

  • Contact sales brokers |  Select a buyer

  • Negotiate contracts and close

  • Final Disbursement of Equity Gains

  • And possible 1031 Exchange into the                     next investment opportunity


  • After placing the property under contract we perform a Complete Physical Inspection of the asset

  • A Complete Financial Due Diligence of  all expenses, payrolls, contracts, etc are analyzed and examined.


  • Negotiate the best contract terms and agreements

  • We qualify for loans ourselves or get outside sponsors

  • Take over the turn-key operation



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Founder & CEO

LionShare Investment Group is owned and operated by Mark Ferreira, an accomplished IT (Information Technology) Professional and real estate investor.  With over 20 years of RE investing experience, Mark has successfully completed a wide range of projects…from Multifamily Buy & Hold, Single Family Fix & Flips…to Land Development and Construction (see Mark's Past Projects).  He is also a Licensed Realtor in the state of MA & RI.


In late 2018, Mark discovered the power of investing in apartment syndications.  And in the last few years he has partnered in 11 syndications  and Joint ventures totaling over 1300 units (See Portfolio).  These investments have been providing consistent cash flows every quarter.  Apartment Investing is now Mark's primary vehicle to his Retire Early Strategy.

Mark is passionate about sharing this wealth building model to everyone he knows and who ever is willing to listen.  For the last year and half, Mark has been working closely with experienced Apartment Operators and Syndicators, such as Vinney Chopra, Michael Blank, and Rod Kheif… experts in this amazing space.  Mark lives in southern Massachusetts with his wife and two children.

Click here to meet Mark at his companies Launch Video


I would love to share some great information with you about Investing in Multifamily Apartments... from the Strong Returns to the Amazing Tax Benefits and so much more.   Just fill out your name and email below. 

Are you an Accredited Investor?

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An accredited investor is anyone who... Earned income that exceeds $200,00 (or $300,000 with a spouse) in each of the prior 2 years, and expects the  same for the current year.  Or has a net worth over $1 million, either alone or with a spouse (excluding the value of the person’s primary residence).

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